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Why create a Company Page?

The Viadeo Company Pages are for both entrepreneurs and craftsmen, as well as for large companies or administrations.
It is an exceptional showcase of their commercial and social activity and an Employer Branding management tool.

Beyond a simple space in the directory, the Company Page allows you to interact with your customers and your team, to keep the company going on a daily basis or even strengthen your employer brand.

Even small businesses and professionals can reference their company page on Viadeo through the “Activities” tab and thus allow Viadeo members to find them easily.

The largest companies willing to invest on their visibility and attractiveness in professional social networks may submit up to seven tabs with diverse interactive features:

Activities: the identity of the company with its logo and contact information, but also the company news in real time, and profiles of its employees.

Reviews: This tab shows your company as seen by your employees.
It will give you constructive feedback on the working conditions, and allows you to start a conversation by responding to reviews (only from and highlight your employer brand with your future employees.

The business benefits are many:
Improve / manage its brand
Recruit future candidates and member ambassadors of its brand
Interact with partners, customers and / or suppliers



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