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What are Viadeo Company Pages?

Viadeo Company Pages offer an interactive window into companies of all sizes. You can add up to 7 tabs to your Company Pages, allowing you to share company information in a range of contexts:

News: This is the base of your company’s identity. As well as displaying your logo and company details, you can share updates in real time, initiate discussions, and highlight employee profiles. As the Company Page landing point, the News tab also allows you to direct traffic to your other, paid tabs.

Careers: As well as sharing job offers, the Careers tab allows you to present information on your company culture and encourage members to interact with your HR teams.

Our Courses: This tab is solely for schools and training organizations and allows you to showcase your training programs. (short and long-term, certified or applied courses, etc.)

Reviews: This tab allows your employees to have their say on your company while providing you with constructive feedback on working conditions. Initiate discussions by replying to reviews and showcase your employer brand to future employees.

Discussions: This tab represents an open forum allowing you to discuss the latest updates from your company with Viadeo members.

Carte Blanche: Publish the content of your choice.

Contacts: Highlight your HR contacts or sales staff across the country using an interactive map of France (mainland France only).

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